maybe its time to change

could work

trust everyone with a bong. (dont listen to me im stoned)

Could it be?

when guys doubt that i am in fact a girl and i do game.



Exhibit 314

Amumu [All][12:15]: spiderman web is my Q

Amumu [All][12:31]: W cry about my uncle

Amumu [All][12:37]: E tearing off my clothes

Amumu [All][12:45]: R fuck u i am spiderman

(Thanks to mohammad zaidan for the quote!)

Oh Amumu :P

made me giggle 

An educational guide to Abbreviations over the internet and Texts.

When i find ice cream in the fridge,after forgetting we had any.

Been so lazy here atm

been buissy,missed tumblr

Gaming day! (Y) X)

"This is gospel for the fallen once locked away in permanent slumber assembling there philosophy from peaces of broken memories"

slowmo ak 47 <3